Signage solutions has aimed to maintain the quality of its products on high aesthetic, technical and functional levels throughout its business. Signage solutions provides a comprehensive range of services and products. Company professionals work with the principle, “Everything for the customer”. This philosophy has secured signage solutions an outstanding position in this area of the advertising industry, and the company intends to live up to its reputation. Such resounding names as Tata Group, Aditya Birla Group, Sony, Samsung , Landmark Group and many other respected, long-term clients in India can attest to the quality of Signage solutions work. In our corporation, there is no end to learning, development and innovation of manufacturing processes as we seek new, up-to-date working methods and inspiration in the design world in order to keep our production on the highest possible level. Since the very beginning of its inception.


Sign boards are essential for communication, branding, and navigation. They provide information, directions, and safety instructions, guiding people in various settings. Businesses use them for advertising and brand identity. Signage also ensures accessibility for all and aids in event management. Additionally, sign boards can be artistic expressions and serve as identification tools for addresses. They play a pivotal role in enhancing communication, safety, and aesthetics.

Quick Compatibility

Our backlit sign boxes are easily compatible to meet any of your external or internal advertising needs.

Always Visible

Our sign board design comes with eye-catching illumination and superior clarity. So be it the pitch dark night or a bright sunny morning, your store will always stay in the spotlight!

Easily Customizable

Whatever be your backlit signage need, we customise your signs in the shapes, sizes and colours of your choice! You can wall-mount or hang the lightboxes as per your need.

Superior Durability

We assure you unmatched durability, quality and perfection by using premium quality raw materials. 5 Years of warranty for LED & Inner damages

Hassle-Free Installation

At VK Signage, Chennai, we custom design your backlit box in such a way that it exactly fits in your space without any hassles! So, installation can also be done in a matter of minutes.

Effortless Maintenance

Maintaining the backlit letters are just a piece of cake! Our glow signboards need little or no maintenance at all! So, sit back and enjoy the attention!




Our Happy Customers

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